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  Dical Venezuela Disipadores de Calor c.a. Dical Design and provided complete new systems of ICE PLANTS to Venezuela and the World
Dedication and experience demonstrated in 20 years of working in the refrigeration industry do the company N. 1 in Venezuela. Disipadores de Calor c.a. Dical is Leader in manufacture ICE PLANTS with the main objective THE INTERNATIONAL MARKET, insurances of being able to satisfy the most strictest exigencies , high quality and discharge technology. Each ICE PLANT is designed according to the requirements of
client , using the last techonology and tools available to mak designs of high quality. Our key of success is the quality control. Manufactures our products of Tube Ice Maker, Block Ice Maker, Condenser, Evaporator Coil, Evaporator and Chiller.
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Diseñar y suministrar sistemas nuevos y completos de Maquinas fabricadoras de Hielo para Venezuela y el mundo. Dical C.A. Experience, Quality and Effort are the tools that we are distinguished like manufactures Ice Plants, provide the best for our clients.