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History - Heat of Disipator Dical C.A.

Our beginning in 1979 was founded by Antonio D' Imperio, he arrived at this land of 3 years old and it adopted it like his mother country. Now, all great project begins with a small dream, the beginning was difficult, many people did not have confidence to him, but there was a special person that it foretold to us that with the arrival of a new member of the family everything would change; and thus it was, we were visualizing every day which we wanted to obtain: be an equipment, fascinate to us reason why we made, the push and interesting to be pioneering of a person like Antonio able to maintain a group of workers and with the support and


sensitivy of his partner who at no moment believe in him , in his dreams and ideas; we were directed in the search of our objectives and goals , living intensely each passage by the footpath on the certainty , which takes to us that nothing has value if it does not receive sense and if the hope does not exist.

We trusted in this country without fear to make mistake , make of a small piece of her a mighty Venezuela and will continue contributing until turning it a beautiful young nation and heals, with parents and children's responsible , workers and able , the main quality is the love for this great Country Venezuela.


Leader in Manufacture of Ice Machines

Dedication and experience demonstrated in 20 years of work in the industrial refrigeration sector do the company #1 in Venezuela.

Leader in manufacture of Ice Machines with the objective of the conquest of the Market International, insurance of being able to satisfy the strictest exigencies with our clients high quality - high value and thanks for our initiative we replaced ourselves by the import.

Dical C.A. is well-known like leader in manufacture, distribution and commercialization of heat dissipaters (condensing evaporative) for industrial refrigeration, specialized mainly in providing machines with ice in rolitos and panelas. We can provide everything what you need from an ice cylinder- shaped ice maker to a complete ice machine. Each manufacturing ice machine is designed according to the requirements of the client, the same one can oscillate from 5 tons to 50 tons and more per day.


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