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Refrigeration Industrial - Tube Ice Figures - Dimensions
Tube Ice Makers Machine - Industrial Plant Ice

Tube Ice Makers Machine, Design for the ice manufacture of human consumption, it can operate with two types of coolant, ammoniac (Nh 3) or Freon 22 (F22). Totally compact, with capacity from 2 tons to 50 tons and more for day.

The dimensions of the Tube ice are 1 , 1 ½ , 2

Tube Ice Makers - Quality of Export
Components - Tube Ice Makers:

- Compressor
- Condenser
- Tube Ice maker
- Ice cutte

- Gas tank accumulator
- Gas separator tank
- Electric panel
- Accessories and valves
Block Ice Maker Machine - Dical

Block Ice Makers Machine , desing for the manufacture ice in blocks or panel ice, used mainly by fishing sector, bird-raising and industrial companies, With capacity from 6 tons to 50 tons and more. Laminated molds are made out of galvanized steel, mounted on steels racks. The dimensions ice is 50 kg and 150 kg.

Block Ice Maker
Components - Block Ice Makers

- Compressor
- Condenser
- Brine Tank
- Coil
- Brine Beater
- Molds

- Filling Molds
- Tank to take off molds.
- Trap of Suction
- Polipastos
- Electric Board
- Accessories and Valves
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