DicalVenezuela.com - Dical is the maker of Condensers , Evaporators , Chillers and Coil machines for the food service , packaged ice , industrial and commercial markets. Disipadores de Calor c.a.
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Tube Ice
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Our Products Ice Machine
Dical ice maker evaporator is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Evaporator
Ice Maker Evaporator - This system is mainly composed by a cylindric-shaped ice maker, operates with cooling ammoniac Freon 22 (F22) or (Nh 3).
Evaporator Dical - Machine efficient for Tube Ice and Quality Export
Ice Maker Evaporator
Componentes of Evaporator:

- Cylindric shaped ice maker
- Stainless steel separator tank
- Stainless steel ice cutter

- Electric Panel
- Water Pump
- Motor Reducer
Evaporative Condenser - Evaporator Condenser
Evaporative Condenser
Made with galvanized steel and hot galvanized cooling pipes. By turbines up to 150 tons or axial vanes from 150 tons/ref , with capacity from 18 ton /ref to 180 ton /ref and more. Design totally compact and strong construction.
Evaporative condenser - DicalVenezuela.com
Evaporative Condenser
Evaporator Coil - Refrigerant
Evaporator Coil (Refrigerant) is made in carbon steel pipe with a diameter 1 ¼, sch 40 , with a distribution and return for the gas tank accumulating , oil drainage and control liquid valves.

Types of Evaporator coil:
•  Coil in fish thorn form ( for ice brick machines )
•  Coil in parallel series

Evaporator Coil Refrigerant
Evaporator Coil (Refrigerant)
Chillers Chiller

•  Chillers Evaporating with a pipe of ½ in copper with stainless steel tank in its outside, isolated with foam rubber. A horizontal liquid gas separator mounted on the evaporator with valve on match and solenoid for 2 circuits.

•  Condensing type air force with a capacity from 21 ton/ref, formed by aluminum copper coil laminated, 2 axial vanes of 24 formed by two circuits of Chiller.

•  Compressing semi sealed type, with a capacity of 10 ton/ref .Mounted in a base with pressure gauges, presostatos for protection of discharge, low and oil.

Chiller - Industrial Chillers - DicalVenezuela.com

  • Chiller Electric panel with starters, breaker main, thermal, system with time-lag staring unloading automatically for 50% of its capacity.
  Capacity from 2 tons to 50 tons and more for day. More information
"Tube Ice"
Block Ice Maker
  Capacity from 2 tons to 50 tons and more for day. With molds of the Ice from 50 kg and 150 kg. More information "Panel or Block Ice"

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